TomTom Start

TomTom Start

Stuck in traffic and looking for a swift route to your destination, then TomTom Start GPS device is a device you need to know about. This sat nav device is small, efficient and easily mounts to the windscreen of your vehicle. It makes the device effortless to use.

The most remarkable feature of this device is its simplicity. It is quite easy to use without much of a learning curve. Quite a lot of thought has been put behind designing the device, thus eliminating any feature which is not used on a regular basis.

This device by TomTom will please you first due to its simple and practical design even before the device begins to assist your navigation. The Start is small and slim which comes with a colour screen of 4:3 ratio. The box has a windscreen mount which is easy to attach while being sturdy at the same time.

The USB also allows you to synchronize your satellite navigation system with the TomTom home app that is available on PC as well as MAC. The TomTom Start is touchscreen enabled thus making it the perfect satellite navigation system for everyone.

TomTom Start is a smart device, but if it has the older map version, it can lose its efficiency of showing the fastest route. To safeguard that your device works to the best of its functionality, get the latest TomTom Map Update for your device. Contact us for the latest Map Updates.

TomTom Start Features
  • Map for lifetime
  • New simple menu design
  • Combined search for address and point-of-interest


Updating your TomTom map is a simple way of making sure you can get to where you want to be. Call us to check if you have a life time map update or one time map update for free. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be driving with the latest map! We recommend taking the following into consideration before downloading a map on your TomTom GPS.


Step 1

Connect your TomTom device to your internet-enabled PC Via USB cable and switch the device on. TomTom device will perform a quick system update process and shows you a pop-up on your computer screen.You will see a drive window downloading the updates.


Step 2 will appear on Gps screen. Once the device is connected and turned on, pop-up will start downloading maps on your computer screen. If you still don't see any progress bar across the PC screen and you need quick help in this process please contact support via Live Chat or dial Toll Free UK: +44-02921885555, AUS: +61-0251040007


Step 3

Once the pop-up shows download progress on your PC; wait until in finished downloading. it's an automated process. If you don't see any green progress bar on your computer screen please contact support for immediate help. you may need some technical assistance .

Want to fuel your TomTom Navigation Device with the Latest Map version? Our recently Updated GPS App Updates Will Assist You!

Update TomTom Maps
Call Gps Support Toll-Free 02921885555
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