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For Free TomTom Map Updates Dial Tollfree +44-02921885555

Download TomTom Maps


Updating your TomTom map is an easy way to make sure you can get to your destination safe and fast. Give us a call to check if you have a lifetime map update or just one-time map update for free. Do the following simple steps and you’ll be driving your vehicle with the latest map! We recommend you taking the following into attention before you start downloading the map on your TomTom GPS.


Step 1

Just connect your TomTom GPS device to your internet-enabled PC by a USB cord and switch on the device. TomTom device is going to carry out a quick system update process. Next, it will show you a pop-up on your computer screen. You will see a drive window downloading the updates for the device.


Step 2

Now will appear on your Gps screen. Once the GPS is connected and turned on, a pop-up will now start downloading the maps on your computer screen. If you are still not getting any progress bar across the computer screen then, you may need quick help in the update process. Please contact the support expert via Live Chat or just dial Toll-Free +44-02921885555


Step 3

Once the pop-up starts showing download progress on your PC; wait for some time until in finished downloading. It is an automated process. If you still don't see any green progress bar on your computer screen, please contact support for immediate help. You may need some technical assistance.

Why do you need to get in touch of TomTom support team for help and assistance?

With the modernization of civilization, the GPS device has become a necessity. The GPS device makes our journey very comfortable, concise and neat.

But even these sophisticated and modern devices have their own share of cons. These devices can sometimes malfunction because they are made up of sophisticated numerous electronic parts.

When you are facing these technical or non-technical issues then it becomes absolutely essential to call our support experts which are available 24*7, for your service. Our team comprises of highly efficient and professionals individuals, who listen to your device-related problems carefully and then they determine the level of help you might require. You will be then directed to our technical staff for problem-solving.

You have to just dial our TomTom toll-free number of the UK +44-02921885555 and our experts will try to solve your problems instantly.

What are the main issues which you can face with the device?

The TomTom is a highly evolved and capable device but as with any electronic device sometimes it can have some issue. When you are trying to solve the problems by yourself, then it can be mentally taxing and time-consuming. It can even worsen the issue.

In those times, you will need technical assistance. You just have to contact our team by calling the free toll-free number +44-02921885555 and our experts will solve the problem for you.

  • The GPS device is not turning on
  • Blank device screen
  • Device regularly showing warning sign for the camera
  • Device not updating the maps
  • Not able to reset the device
  • Software not updating
  • Satellite acquisition not happening
  • Life-traffic unable to show on the device

If you are having any difficulty with the map update process, and need troubleshooting for your device then please call directly to our support helpline +44-02921885555 (Toll-Free) for instant help. We aim to deliver quick & smooth support.



Unable to get Progress Bar

If you are not getting any progress bar on your computer screen after connecting your TomTom with PC. Then it’s possible that map is not installed or that the installed map cannot be read by the computer. Contact with TomTom support service for map installation help. For help please call
TomTom support toll-free +44-02921885555


Getting Error Message

If you are getting an error message during the update process, then plug out the device and then reconnect it to the computer. Check the internet connectivity on the PC. Connect the device again and try to update the map.


GPS Not Recognized

If you are connecting the device again and again and the computer is unable to recognize the device then just follow the instruction as mentioned. You may have to update the software or drivers or you might have to turn off security software of the computer. For quick help call our GPS experts to help you with the procedure. Our technical experts are always available online.


Map Update Customer Service Team Work Flow

User contacts us

The user can message or call us for any technical issues with the device update process.

Deciphering the problem

Our highly professional and technical experts help in figuring out the problem with the device. They listen attentively, determine the nature of the problem and then assist you for every issue with the device.

Fixing the Device issues

Our team of trained technical experts is able to solve 99.4% of cases just over the phone. So, you just need to give us a call and leave the rest upon us.

TomTom Gps Expert Are Available 24*7 Dial +44-02921885555

TomTom Go

The TomTom Go is the finest satellite navigator which is extremely handy to use. It offers a wide range of practical features that make your driving experience heavenly.

The controls on the device are basic which make the device easy to use. It makes the journey shorter and more joyous.

It provides worldwide maps; live traffic updates and alerts you when speed cameras are located on the roads.

TomTom Go connects with your Smartphone’s Bluetooth, thus giving you voice control and voice assistance choices. You can make & receive calls, reply to messages without having to distract yourself using your Smartphone.

TomTom Via

TomTom Via is a complete GPS device which is bang for your bucks. It is a way ahead of other Maps/devices, which is also easy to use.

The device integrates with your Smartphone yielding live traffic updates, road closures, detours, the location of speed cameras and the best course.

TomTom Via connects with your Smartphone via Bluetooth making it hands-free and effective to use.

TomTom Start

Stuck in a traffic jam and looking for the quickest passage to your destination. Then, this is the device for your needs. This is a small but capable device which sticks on your vehicle’s windscreen. It makes it easy to use.

The selling point of this device is its simplicity to use. It has been custom-made to only include features which you need. It is a small device with a screen ratio of 4:3. It has a USB port which helps connect with your PC or MAC computer.

The TomTom is a commendable device but like any smart device, it needs an update to keep it efficient. Always keep your device up to date to make it more useful. To get the latest Map Update for your device, Contact Us.

TomTom Sat Nav

TomTom Satellite Navigation device has relevant features which are made, keeping all the latest technology available in the market. It has all the latest software as well as, an elegant design which blends in with the interior of your vehicle.

The software platform comes with all the information that can influence your journey. The device gives you live information about the change in traffic situations. It informs you with all the fastest routes available on the go.

If you’re driving a large vehicle, chances are that you will need a different POIs. The device shows all those relevant and necessary information, to your needs. E.g. parking space, service centres, gas-stations.

TomTom MyDrive

TomTom MyDrive is the recent service offered by our company which allows you to synchronize the smartphone with the device. It is compatible with most computers e.g. Mac, Windows, Android and IOS devices.

It forms a bond between your vehicle’s GPS and your Smartphone. It helps you in saving time when you are about to get in your vehicle. It is the best companion for everyday commuters.

The app also helps to save your regular and beloved places. It also suggests you of the time you should leave depending on traffic status.

To get the best out of TomTom GPS device, you should keep your device updated for the latest map version. We will help you with the update process. Please connect with us for the latest map updates.

Get lifetime map update support for TomTom GPS

Our support team helps you in Updating your map for LifeTime. Our experts also help in buying the LifeTime map update for your device. Always have the latest maps to help you in your travel and commute. Purchase a Life Time Map Updates so that you can always have the latest maps on your Device.

If you have a TomTom GPS, then at some point in time you must have faced the difficulties while using the maps. You might have seen that the maps are not up to date. The device is showing something else instead. This is because of the always on-going process of construction work. New roads and highways are built, the old one gets closed. Businesses, emergency services can change addresses.

For these, you always want to make sure that your TomTom is up-to-date. You also want to be prepared for any emergencies with updated maps in case of your need.

Do you want to update your TomTom map with the latest maps then just give us a call and our GPS experts will tell you how it can be done?

Issues where our TomTom experts are most useful and can help you effectively:

  • Common device errors
  • Problems with device setup
  • GPS not getting satellite signal
  • Screen going blank
  • Automatic shutdown of the device
  • Battery not charging
  • Maps unable to update
  • Device always showing cross sign

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